I. Services

A. Information services

  1. Lectures
  • topics, set out at II, below.
  • £500 per hour, expenses/travel

B. Dispute resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR)

  1. Negotiation
  • £1200 minimum, expenses/travel; for each hour over 6 hours £150 per hour
  1. Mediation (non-binding, consent-based)
  • £1200 minimum, expenses/travel; for each hour over 6 hours £150 per hour
  1. Arbitration (binding)
  • £1200 minimum, expenses/travel; for each hour over 6 hours £150 per hour

 C. Professional advising and consulting services

  1. In-person consultation
  • £200 per hour, expenses/travel
  1. Commissioned research and analysis
  • £150 per hour
  1. Drafting and quality assurance
  • £150 per hour

Discounts may be available for charitable and educational institutions and groups. Bundled packages of more than one service (A-C above) discounted 10%. Prices do not include forex, bank or other transfer fees. Prices are inclusive of tax. All major credit cards and PayPal accepted.

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II. Subjects: for services I(A)-(C)

A. Information services

representative lecture titles

1. Governments and financial institutions

‘Corporate Governance’

‘UK Company and Banking Law’

‘Listing on the London Stock Exchange’

‘Islamic Financial Contracts’

‘Licensing and Regulation of Islamic Financial Institutions’

‘Sharia Standards’

‘Sukuk’ [Islamic investment certificates, or ‘bonds’]

‘The History and Future of Islamic Finance’

2. Law firms and legal professionals

‘Listing on the London Stock Exchange’

‘Islamic Financial Contracts’

‘UK Taxation: Islamic Financial Services and Investments’

‘Commercial Law in Islam’

‘Islamic Succession Law and Inheritance’

‘Islamic Trusts’

‘Global Sharia Standards’


‘Default and Re-Structuring of Sukuk: the re-purchase undertaking’

‘Offshore Financial Centres and Islamic Securities’

‘Choice of Law in Islamic Financial Contracts’

‘IDR: Islamic Dispute Resolution’

3. Individual investors, consumers and groups

‘The Principles of Islamic Banking’

‘Islamic Financial Contracts’

‘The Waqf: charitable Islamic trusts’

‘Islamic Succession Law and Inheritance’

‘Wealth Acquisition and Transmission in Sharia’

‘The History and Future of Islamic Finance’

‘UK Taxation: Islamic Financial Services and Investments’

‘Sukuk in Britain and the World’

‘Usury (ribā’) in Islamic Jurisprudence’

B. Dispute resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR)

  • Negotiation, mediation and arbitration — in relation to
    • consumer and commercial contracts
    • with or without mediation and/or arbitration clauses
    • by present or prior agreement of parties
    • including an Islamic and/or English legal provisos
    • any value
  • as sole mediator or arbitrator or as tribunal member or chair
  • prompt, efficient and confidential services
  • compare with litigation
    • faster
    • less expensive
    • more expert regarding this specialist economic and financial subsector
    • greater party control and autonomy in determining procedures and disclosure
    • results as readily enforced as a court judgement
      • under the New York Convention 1958, as applicable

 C. Professional advising and consulting services

  • governments
  • financial institutions
  • financial market participants and stakeholders
  • entrepreneurs
  • investors
  • legal professionals
  • the formation of Islamic financial institutions
    • banks, insurance company, investment houses, trading firms, consultancies, ratings agencies,
  • the regulation and governance of Islamic financial services and contracts
  • corporate governance issues specific to this subsector
  • legal and regulatory compliance
    • in the United Kingdom
    • in other civil and common law jurisdictions, as commissioned
  • inventory of assets and institutions providing Islamic investment, banking and finance services
  • growth areas and potential markets and trends
  • the reform, design and drafting of primary and secondary legislation
  • critical analysis of global and national information sources and reporting
  • the analysis and management of a wide variety of pertinent risks
    • legal, regulatory, tax compliance
    • governance, reputation and publicity
    • geo-political and business competitive
  • arbitrage opportunities and competitiveness
  • economic measurement and analysis of Islamic finance and banking
  • marketing and management consulting
  • the mechanics of securitisation and its significance for risk allocation and mitigation
  • implementation of institutional and organisational systems for risk discovery and management
  • demographic and political analysis and practical conclusions