Some chapters and verses pertinent to commercial dealings

You who believe, when you contract a debt for a stated term, put it down in writing: have a scribe write it down justly between you. No scribe should refuse to write: let him write as god has taught him, let the debtor dictate, and let him fear God, his Lord, and not diminish [the debt] at all…Do not disdain to write the debt down, be it small or large, along with the time it falls due; this way is more equitable in God’s eyes, more reliable as testimony, and more likely to prevent the doubts arising between you. But if the merchandise is there and you hand it over, there is no blame on you if you do not write it down.[1]

Do not mix truth with falsehood, or hide the truth.[2]

He has set the balance so that you may not exceed in the balance: weigh with justice and do not fall short in the balance.[3]

O Children of Adam! Adorn yourselves beautifully for every time and place of prayer; eat and drink; but do not waste…Who is there to forbid the beautiful things which God has brought forth for His servants, and the good things from among the means of sustenance?[4]

Whatever you lend out in usury to gain value through other people’s wealth will not increase in God’s eyes, but whatever you give in charity, in your desire for God’s approval, those shall gain double.[5]

Believers, do not betray God and the Messenger, or knowingly betray (other people’s) trust in you.[6]

You who believe, fulfil your obligations.[7]

Do not covet the bounties which God has bestowed more abundantly on some of you than on others. Men are allotted what they earn, and women are allotted what they earn. Ask God for something of His bounty.[8]

Do not devour one another’s property wrongfully – unless it be by trade based on mutual consent – and do not kill [or destroy] yourselves [or one another]…One who does this with rancour and wickedness – him shall We make to endure fire.[9]

If [the debtor] is in difficulty, [then grant] a delay until a time of ease; if you were to remit [the debt] by way of charity it would be good for you – if you but knew.[10]

God commands you to deliver your trusts to those entitled to them.[11]







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