About IDRAK (إدراك )

The Director of IDRAK, Dr Scott Morrison, is author of a major work titled Law of Sukuk: shari’a compliant securities, which will appear in print (published by  Sweet & Maxwell, London) in June 2017.

IDRAK means ‘perception,’ ‘awareness,’ ‘consciousness’ and ‘discernment.’

IDRAK Ltd is a purveyor of knowledge and understanding. Its ambit is finance and banking that comports with Islamic commercial law and the broader principles of humility, honesty and fair-dealing exemplified by it. Islamic finance and banking have expanded across geography and burgeoned in value in recent decades. However much, much more remains to be done. For more on IDRAK’s watchwords and blog.

The mission of IDRAK is to cause the scattered wisdom, reasoning and insights of this nascent enterprise to coalesce into a single source. A source from which these accomplishments may be mined and refined — by professionals, specialists and those seeking to better conform their economic lives with their deeply held beliefs. Due to the breadth and reach of its subject this source must be multi-lingual and accessible everywhere. It must rely upon and disseminate fixed principles whilst never losing sight of current developments and the exciting possibility of innovation. IDRAK serves global Islamic banking and financial services and the organisations, governments and institutions either working towards or already offering these.

IDRAK Ltd acquired the UK Islamic Finance Law webpage and blog, which was founded in April 2014. IDRAK is headquartered in London and may be contacted here.


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